This procedure involves removing the existing surface and repairing all cracks that may have been hidden below the surface. 

Once the area is stripped and cleaned, we resurface it using acrylic bonding agents, our trade secret concrete mix with color and texture to be chosen by  you.

The area is cleaned and restored.




Looking to have newly poured concrete steps? We can custom form and pour your steps just how you want it. 

Color can be applied to concrete and texture / design can be applied.


Tina - Step Repair

"In 2017 I hired Parge Masters to fix my Front Step. My home is over 70 years old and the front concrete landing had perhaps sunk a bit as it took some effort to step up and into the front door. They came and cut through the old landing, scoring it so that the new concrete would bond. Because we had so much rain, it took a few days longer than expected to finish the landing and the couple of steps. They had also built forms for them. It all turned out beautifully. A coating / sealer was applied a few weeks later to preserve the concrete. A year later, my front steps look beautiful. Thank you Parge Masters. I would recommend you to others."

Dale - Step Re-Pour, Core-Fill & Coating

"Very Pleased with the Workmanship. Have had Several People Comment on the Nice Work. The Crew that did the Work, were Excellent!"