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Foundation Masters


Foundation Masters is a Fast Growing, Long Term Oriented Company Employed with Dedicated and Detailed Staff Who Specialize in Concrete / Masonry Services.

Foundation Masters' Primary Objective is to Inform Clients of Issues that may be Present within the Home. Our Extremely High Standards and Perfectionism are Traits that have Grown Foundation Masters into a Well Respected and Specialized Company.

Inspections & Scheduling


With our Inspections Performed Daily, you have the Ability to Educate Yourself on the Issues that may be Happening Within your Home and are Given the Opportunity to Repair Any of these Problems with a Lifetime Warranty Before it Progresses.

Should you Wish to Schedule Once your Inspection has Been Completed, Call our Friendly Office Staff to Discuss Booking Dates.

Foundation Masters does not Collect Down Payments or Deposits. Payment is Collected Upon Job Completion, and Only Once the Client is Fully Satisfied with the Job.

If you Would Like to Schedule an Inspection or Discuss Booking Dates, Please Call 705-89-PARGE (72743) or

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We Don't Patch!


We Specialize in Foundation Repair and Cosmetics.

Because there is an Underlying Reason why your Foundation and / or Parge Work is Failing, Foundation Masters Strips the Area Completely and Only Works on the Bare Bones of your Home to Ensure a Successful Application that Lasts a Lifetime!

Foundation Masters' Management Staff Completes Quality Control Inspections Throughout Multiple Stages of the Job to Ensure all Work is Being Completed Correctly and to Foundation Masters Standards.

Because we Offer a Lifetime Warranty, we have no Room for Error. We Apply our State of the Art Products in a way that will Last.

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