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Most Home Owners have Water in Their Basements Due to Foundation Cracking.

Foundation Cracks are the Primary Source of Water.

Dampness in block cavity
Signs of dampness

Although Weeping Tiles and Waterproofing are Extremely Important in Protecting your Foundation from Moisture, more often we Find that the Culprit for Water Coming Into the Home is from Foundation Cracks. Although Weeping Tiles and Waterproofing are Beneficial, they Unfortunately Cannot Protect Against Foundation Cracking.

Signs of water in block cavity
Need corefill

This is Especially True in Hollow Block Foundations.

An Indication of Dampness or Water Inside the Block Cavity is Efflorescence. 

Efflorescence is a White, Chalky Substance that is Created when there is Water / Humidity in the Block Cavity. Moisture is Extracted During the Drying Process, Leaving Salts and Minerals Behind. Efflorescence in Mortar Joints are Typically the first sign of Block Dampness.

Sometimes Efflorescence is the Culprit of Dampness Inside the Block; Other Causes are: Vents, Sprinkler Systems or Excess Water Sitting Against Foundation Walls.